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What does it cost? The cost is $297.00 per month. (There is a one time setup fee of $97.00)

Once I sign-up how long before you answer my calls? Two weeks or sooner.

Do we use our own telephone number? Yes, you will call forward your telephone numbers to a telephone number we assign to you.

What type of calls can we forward for you to answer? This service is for the answering of your direct mail prospect calls only. It is NOT a reception service. You should have a dedicated telephone number, which you answer, for non prospect calls.

How long is the commitment? The commitment is month to month with a 30 day notice to cancel.

What is included? We will either answer the phone live during regular business hours or return the call from all callers whether or not they left a voicemail. Once we make contact and gather the seller information we will send you an email with all of the information gathered. On all first time prospect calls you will receive an email advising you of a “New” prospect call. In the event a prospect calls twice you will not receive a second email unless we set an appointment or determine the prospect is not a viable prospect.

What qualifies as a prospect Appointment? When a prospect furnishes us with a value, either As Is or ARV, and indicates they want 85% of the indicated value or less we will make an appointment for you to recontact the prospect. This is only a filter for you to determine if you want to set a “Live” (in person or virtual) appointment with the prospect. This is not our suggestion of a property to buy.

What qualifies as a prospect No Appointment Made? In the event we gather partial information or the prospect indicates that they do not have a house to sell or are not calling to sell a house no further contact with the prospect will be made by us and you will receive an email indicating their answers, notes and comments on an email indicating the prospect was a “No Appointment Made” prospect.

How many times will you attempt to contact the caller? Three days in a row, if no contact is made then at 15, 30, 60, and 90 days.

How do I know you’re answering or returning the calls? When contacts are added to our database an automatic email will be generated advising you that a contact was added.