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Just closed on a wholesale deal yesterday for a 74k Profit! :)  I put 1300 in for clean up...
Greg N. Real Estate Investor

Shout out again to who spent 2 hours on the phone with us on a SATURDAY morning to help us. When you have your direct mail through them you get much more than mail service. "We have 2 houses under contract, both with a pretty considerable spread. It appears we are now in business!"
Sam Craven- Real Estate Investor

I went several months without buying any properties (not for a lack of trying!) and reluctantly decided to try direct marketing in order to rev up my acquisitions.  Michael helped me set up my first absentee owner campaign, doing everything from pulling the list to creating the letters to mailing to setting up the phone number and voicemail.   In our very first campaign, our response rate was nearly 13%!  Literally all we had to do was answer the calls and try to close the deals.  We decided to expand to distressed sellers (30/60/90 day mortgage lates who might be interested in doing short sales), and Michael again helped us generate our lists and put together our marketing collateral.  Through his tireless tutoring and support, we're now sending 4000 mailings per month to absentee owners, mortgage lates and pre-foreclosures in our county.  We've closed a half-dozen deals in the past 3 months, and all of them have been the result of our distressed seller and direct mailing campaigns." 
-- J Scott (

"Hi, Just thought I would drop a note to you.  We had a great response to the yellow letters.  Over 150 responses with over 50 in the first day. Now we have to work through all the responses." Thanks!
Scott & Shawnna

"These Yellow Letters flat out perform, get ready for the telephone to ring."
Steve Washington, "The Vacant House Guy"

"My business partner and I would like to express  three words to you, WORK!!! We believe that it works too good if and when your not prepared." LOL
Randy and Mike Blue Leaf Investment Properties, LLC.

Love Yellow Letters
Slane Properties

You guys rock! You've helped get the leads to call me. Thanks to your letters I've been able to close some serious deals.
Jay Evan S

I have placed several orders through then and I have always been happy with orders & service
Jodi H.

Great service, easy to order, and the best prices. You can't beat them.
Eric S.

I love for their mailers and also for their good advice on marketing in general. Keep it up!
Alison M.

I have a very positive response from my orders and I will keep using Yellow Letter as part of my tools in Marketing.
Albert G.

They have always been very responsive and they do great work.
Dan G.